From the October Google Webmaster Chat Q &A:

Anonymous: Duplicate content - How many unique URLs (domains) are permitted to point at the same destination before it becomes a problem?
e.g.,, all point to, which has its own pages...

Maile Ohye: Hi there, I'm happy to help with this question, but I'm not sure how it's duplicate content. In your example it seems like is the only site hosting content. It's common for companies to buy misspelling <-- did i spell that right? of their domain and then 301 to the correct version. Can you further explain the scenario for us?

Translation: It's not a problem.....

Kevin, Boston Ma: My company controls the main domain out of Italy with a .eu extension. We have an English version of the site. Will the European domain hurt our ranking?

Kaspar aka Guglarz: No, you won't have any ranking disadvantages due to the .eu/ domain :-)

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