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Before you go ahead and submit your website to the major search search engines make sure you have all (or most) of your SEO tactics in place. Why? because there is no second first impression. After google indexes your page for the first time it will evaluate when to do it again, if it finds that your site is not "worthy" then it might take weeks or months for it to go and crawil it again.

So make sure you have your Page Titles, Meta Tags, Search Friendly URLs and other SEO Tactics in place before you submit.


SEO Reviews

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We all love free things, right?. We'll then you'd love to take advantage of this free offer. I'll be doing free SEO Website Reviews. I'll do one per week and post the results here on my blog. This will be done by me, not just using some automated tool.

  • Must be an actual website, no parked domains, SPAM or adult-oriented websites.
  • Sites based on DNN will be given top priority
If you'd like me to consider your website for a SEO review just post a comment on this post with your name, email and website url.

SEO Reviews so far:


Get rid of LinkClick.aspx, fast!!!!....

The most talked about topic in SEO is often Links, this includes internal links that you have on your site. DotNetNuke does a good job of dynamically creating and maintaining links using LinkClick.aspx, but's it's very poor in terms of SEO because it will get reported as Duplicate Content by the major Search Engines.


This link isn't very SEO or Human Readable for that manner. The easiest way to avoid this is by unchecking "Track Number Of Times This Link Is Clicked?" box when you are making links which will produce this:



DNN SEO Services

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Looking to hire a Pro?. My services include:

  • Website development
  • DotNetNuke SEO
  • DotNetNuke Custom Module Development
  • SEO Consulting
  • SQL Server Consulting

If you'd like to contact me drop me a line @ http://msmvps.com/blogs/hminaya/contact.aspx and I'll get in touch with you.


One great site I have come across is www.dnncreative.com, I'll post about it latter on...


In my last post I took care of the Page Titles, but let's not forget about Meta Tags in general, including the page Description.

Remember that the Description is what shows up below the Page Title in the search results. Include the most important keywords in your description but don't make it look like a list, make sure it sounds interesting.


More often than not when performing SEO the page title is often overlooked and left with default values. Remember the page title that you choose is the first things users will se when your page comes up in one of the major search engines, it has to be something specific that will attract users.

You should try to use keyword phrases as pages titles, for example if you have a page about Turtles, and you have a section on food you might try something like "Food for Turtles" or "Feeding your Turtles". Avoid doing something like "http://www.MyPage.com > SiteName > Food".


First, what the heck is SEO???....

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

In simple terms it's the process by which you get your site to show up within the top results in the major search engines. Basically you follow a set of guidelines, best practices, tips, tricks and anything else that you can get your hands on and apply them to your website, it's navigation, structure and information. All of this in hopes of ranking high on google.com (and the other players).

Why do I want rank among the top search results?

Simple, it will bring more hits to your site which in turn will result (if you've done your homework correctly) into more income from ads displayed on your site, or higher sales of products.


I've been a developer for over 10 years now, but recently I've started to invest more time into the world of SEO, specially using DotNetNuke.

In this blog I'll share my experiences along the way.....